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Make your resume available on this page in two ways:

  1. Format it nicely so that it appears on this page.
  2. Include a downloadable version as shown above.

The biggest advantage of displaying resume information directly on this site is that readers can click and get more information. For example, a link to an interesting project or internship with interesting pictures. This will help you stand out – all paper resumes look exactly the same!

One way to highlight key accomplishments is to use the blockquote tag. The text inside this box is inside the blockquote tag. Click on the double quote symbol in the editor to turn on blockquoting.

For finer grained control over editing, click on the ‘Toolbar Toggle’ icon inside the editor.

A few more formatting suggestions:

Use the Heading tag to separate and title sections.

The heading tags work a lot better across browsers and platforms. These tags are available in the toolbar. There are two reasons to use the heading tag instead of simply increasing the font size or using bold:

  1. Search engines use the heading tag to index content and will rank content higher if it uses appropriate heading tags.
  2. The site will look better on tablets and smartphones because the browser understands the heading tag and will adjust text size to display the content correctly.

Pasting in text from Word

  • To paste in text from Microsoft Word, it is highly recommended to “Paste as Text” in the toolbar above (the icon with the T and clipboard). This will strip out all the junk from Word before it goes into the page.
  • If the text does become messed up, click on the “Eraser” button above to remove all formatting. You are discouraged from using too many different colors – did you know that many older males are color blind?

Finally, for greater control over the site, click on the Text button (on far right hand side) in the editor and learn HTML. One of the best ways to learn HTML is through the editor, switch back and forth from Visual and Text mode. Note that you will be unable to change some aspects of the formatting because some attributes are controlled by the theme you are using.

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