The marketing channel includes plans to engage both food trucks vendors and customers during the first year of the app launch – Starting from August 2023 through May 2023 (Academic year) 

Instagram & TikTok: 

  • Social Media such as tiktok and Instagram are allotted 40% of the total budget to reach our core audience that is college students
  • Strategies: 
    • Food truck generated content to boost awareness
    • User-generated content for faculty/students to show off their meals
    • Use of “brand ambassadors” to show content specifically to Temple faculty/students. 
    • Using campaign hashtags and location features will help Instagram’s algorithms show our content to the necessary people.
    • Participating trucks may have an “On the Go Eats” sticker/plaque to help reach potential customers. 
    • Possible #: #onthegoeats (980 existing tags); “onthegoeating” (approx 500 existing tags) #goeatsorgohome (fewer than 100 existing tags)


  • E-mail campaigns: coupons/ads, newsletters & updates with new trucks added, etc,
  • Raising awareness for vendors
  • Email channels will be used for faculty and food truck vendors and occasionally for students. Especially during the Welcome Week celebrations and other university wide occasions throughout the academic year.


  • SEO has been allotted the second highest portion considering the app needs to in top suggestions when a customers is looking for food near me or vendors are looking for a POS systems

Mobile devices and/or applications (i.e., download in the App Store, chatbot, etc.)

  • The app will allow consumers to create a profile, add/modify personal information and preferences, browse/locate available food truck options, modify/place mobile orders, enter payment verification. Downloadable in the Apple Store & Google Play Store.
  • Vendors can sign up for On the Go Eats directly in the app

For more information on our App, click here

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