Architecture & Structure For Vendor

For vendors to establish and maintain their business digitally. For east coast food truck vendors, there are few options for maintaining their business in a digital space. There are not a lot of apps centered around just mobile food ordering. On The Go Eats solves this problem while supporting small businesses such as food truck owners. A future growth aspect could be more mobile vendors in a given area with the support of the On The Go Eats.


What It Offers?

  • Vendor flow is based off consumer flow – to increase success of the app and sales for the vendor
  • “Grub time” (chosen by consumers as well) – peak times to gain consumers
  • Inventory check screen – place for vendors to update menu, discuss low stock, new items, etc.
  • Discount screen (if applicable) – place for vendors to explain discounts or sales for the week/month 


Architecture & Structure For Consumer

The consumers can order food when it’s convenient to them and skipping lines with pre-ordering options. There are few options for students to use their school food vouchers to order/purchase third-party food options on campus. On The Go Eats solves this problem while creating more notoriety for food truck vendors and give student a variety of food options during their day. 

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On the Go Eats API and Growth Prospects

On the Go Eats will build a scalable app and utilize plug-ins for analytics and improved UI/UX.


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