To connect university students with local food trucks in the Philadelphia region through an integrated digital platform. To expand the platform’s reach within popular college towns and major cities across the United States

Who are we?

On the Go Eats is an integrated digital platform designed to connect food truck vendors and university students in the Greater Philadelphia region. By leveraging the use of technology, we are helping establish a digital connection between food trucks and food truck customers. We provide an app that will assist students in locating local food trucks in-real time. The app provides access to a digital menus and online ordering system that caters to the students. We centralize accessible data and information while providing an easy-to-use digital platform for food truck vendors. Our team specializes in digital marketing like Analytics, Social Media, Website Design and Digital Innovation. We are experienced in creating integrated digital platforms such as apps that can bridge business to customers directly. During the beginning of COVID-19, order ahead service was 50% of the revenue. With social distancing guidelines this order ahead model allowed vendors to continue their businesses.

What Is Our Vision?

To expand the platform’s reach within popular college towns and major cities across the United States. Onboarding more experience vendors to the application to expand use.

“Go Eat or Go Home!”

Why are we here? 

In a busy city like Philadelphia locating a food truck can be challenging for customers. With short lunch breaks, waiting in line at a busy truck to get a meal is not time-efficient. This is more prevalent on college campuses where each College/University has unique guidelines of handling food vendors. Customers are overwhelmed and want to know what they are going to eat and when they can get it. They are looking for:

Convenience, Variety, and a Community

This is where On The Go comes in to assist not only the customer but the food truck vendors that have limited experience or resources to be seen in the digital space trying to capture new customers. Philadelphia has over 150 food trucks around the city, with over 120,000 students and over 1.5 million citizens. Finding a food truck in the moment can be difficult without an overarching picture of what’s available. Many vendors are too busy or are unaware of certain technologies to self-promote their businesses, so they can be lost in the sea of their other food truck competitors. We want to provide Vendors with:

Digital Opportunities, Assurance, and Marketing

Our goal is to be the authentic and reliable business partner by providing an app to improve the process of finding out what and where to eat around the city and its several campuses. The app will give the users a more efficient experience, especially with the utilization of meal plans/vouchers  for students. The app could potentially bring in additional revenue for the universities of Philadelphia as more students/faculty opt in to spend their money on campus as opposed to off-campus due to increased ease and convenience. Whereas food truck vendors will have the opportunity to gain insights with data analytics of their business and developing partnership with colleges’ voucher/meal plans, and increased visibility in the digital space. 

Our company wants to cultivate a community that is inviting and sociable for the needs of our stakeholders. To us its “Go eats or Go Home”

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On The Go Eats

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