Meeting Minutes – 8/29/22

Team discussed idea for project:

○ Consumer pain points

○ Potential features of the app

Location finder

■ Dietary preferences

■ Real-time updates

■ Able to connect meal plan

Amy’s Feedback:

Two types of vendors:

■ One runs their own social media and is up to date, tech-savvy

■ Another that doesn’t stay on top of the technical aspect

  • We have to consider the types of food truck owners and how to get them engaged; their user experience
  • How are we going to make money through our app? Who will invest in the app?
  • Does the customer or vendor carry the burden of the cost?
  • Up to us to decide, but should back up with data via a survey


Possible Solutions:

When vendors renew their license, can renew their subscription to the app along with it.

Do a tour with the food trucks around campus, talk to the vendors (perhaps the ones who have been there the longest) and ask questions:

Do they have time for an app?

What kind of feature would they want an app to have?

Do they have a loyalty program? Would they want to have one?

  • Reach out on DIM site to see if they have any advice/feedback/availability to discuss our project
  • Create a survey to determine the business model, Can use any model, we just have to be able to support it

Are people willing to pay? How much? Will people pay for subscription?

See what the market is asking for

Rebecca’s Feedback:

Business Model – Multi-sided Platform

  • For business to work, you have to meet the needs and solve the pain points of both consumers and vendors
  • Do some additional research and connect with food truck vendors to figure out their pain points to help us build out our solution to fulfill the needs of both.
  • Mentioned concept of a shared loyalty program; to potentially consider?
  • One issue is digging in and understanding small business retailers, their barriers and what they need. Some previous findings support that small business owners are often limited on time and tend to be hesitant to adopt new tech.

Process Discussion:

  • Each month, deliverables are due right before meeting. Rebecca and Amy review and we discuss during touch base.
  • The better the first draft, the better feedback we’ll receive and the more
  • prepared we will be to reach the end of the semester.
  • Teams that do best start off with strong first drafts for deliverables Rebecca and Amy confirming mentors after meeting
  • Team responsible for scheduling separate meetings with mentors and determining cadence

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